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According to a new report, Apple is searching for up to , square feet of office space. It has already looked at some of the most prestigious locations in the area. Treat yourself to a new iPhone before Apple rolls out its big iOS 13 update this fall.

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Plus, there are huge savings to be had on Amazon Echo speakers and other smart devices. Eating well is one of the best things you can do for your health not to mention the environment. After all, not everybody knows where to find good ingredients, let alone what to do with them.

Vintage watch enthusiasts, take heed. The iPhone-maker drew heavy criticism from right-to-repair advocates last week when the news of the new battery warnings surfaced.

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It packs a huge, 20,mAh battery that can power a MacBook and two other devices at the same time. Plus, you can quick charge it via USB. And it can even work as a USB data hub.

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This With the iTunes breakup just around the corner, and the rise of cloud-based services, managing the content on your iOS device is getting harder and less accessible. Healthy recipes prove easy with this meal-planning app [Deals]. Apple Card is as friendly as a credit card can be [Review]. Moreover, the vast majority of these apps can be found in the Mac App Store or through a thorough search of Google.


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Please note that any prices listed in this article are in Australian dollars. It does everything Word does, but is free. No problems. It works in a similar way to Powerpoint, though there is one small problem. Also, it comes downloaded with any recently released Mac computer. Numbers is the Mac equivalent of Microsoft Xcel for anyone who needs a nudge.

It does everything Xcel does, though you may need to teach yourself how to use it as features are in different places.

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The app is perfect for doing calculations, graphs and budget sheets. It comes with new Macs, both desktop and laptop. This can be achieved by having your cursor hover over the toggle-split icon and click it by holding down option. It can be used for novel writing, short stories and screenplays. I use it for pretty much everything that I mentioned.

If you think of your favorite movie, it was probably written in Final Draft. It helps you keep your plot intact as well. However, it took a few years for them to work out the kinks. No problems!

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Drop Box has you covered. You can unlock at least 5GB of space while you can also buy additional space. Are you one of those students who has a massive habit of not writing down when your assignments are due and what for class? Look no further then the myHomework Student Planner app. Though, I would encourage you to read what other people have said in the reviews. Think no further then the AutoDesk SketchBook. Do you have a number of PDFs for a massive project and you only have one upload link? I have another version of the app, but it does the same thing.

Just open the app and drop the PDFs in by putting them in the order you want them to be put in in the final document. Then put them all together once you press the button You will even get the chance to rename conjoined file. Are you doing a paper on a certain location , but actually go there? With Google Earth Pro, you can go there from the safety and security of your workspace.

A sister program to Scrivener, Scapple is perfect for brainstorming ideas for projects, stories, even doing family tree projects. You can import a Scapple project into Scrivener and the data stays intact. I also wrote an article on the subject here. The price in the Mac App Store? Ever wanted to do more with your screenshots than just make them sit on the page? If you use the Evernote app, you can sync your screenshots to your account.

My favourite part of the app is the ability to pixelate text and parts of the image.

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Are you working on a group project online and need a way to communicate, trade ideas and send drafts? Looks no further then Slack. You can setup your own chat room and allow your workmates to collaborate with you that way. Need to create art in Graphic Design?