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In terms of regular workflow, the biggest difference I have found was using my trackpad. Having said that, I know there's a few kick ass PC's out there that can hold their own with Apple's track pads. Another advantage to using a Mac for FL Studio is its compatibility with midi controllers. Since no drivers were required to install my Launchpad, I could simply plug it in and use it with no issues. Finally, the last thing I noticed regarding the FL workflow on the Mac was the installation itself.

The DAW of choice for some of hip-hop’s biggest producers is no longer a PC exclusive.

I commend Image Line for sticking to their word with free lifetime updates and purchases. When you buy a product from Image Line, it's yours for life. It couldn't have been easier. The compatibility is a game changer for those who never tried the DAW.

What do you guys think? For some of you that have been using FL Studio 20 on a Mac, have you noticed any major changes?

In this installment of "Audio FX ", we take a look at compression and how it can help your tracks! The popular techno duo has a handful of studio essentials that they'd like to share with you. In this installment of "Audio FX ", we dig deeper into compression and how it can be used to create the infamous "side chain" technique in songs. Set up your home studio with Point Blank Music School's step-by-step video!

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Head Studios offers mixing, mastering, track placement and promotion, as well as graphic design, studio development, video production and more. Using the right kind of effects can make any track stand out. For many producers, using the right amount of effects can be the difference between a banger or a complete bore of a track. Today, we'll discuss one of the most commonly used effects and what it can do to help your productions. Learn more about Creative Suite, a treaure chest of tools for making music.


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Instant Vintage Character. Vinyl simulates the dust, scratches, warp, and mechanical noise reminiscent of yesteryear for FREE. Download Now.

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Authentic, old-school audio aging. Perfect for music production and audio post, Vinyl lets you control each nostalgic element independently, giving you all the vintage turntable sounds you love. Why Vinyl? Comprehensive DAW support.

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With integrated support for most modern host applications, Vinyl is sure to have a place in your workflow. Unparalleled ease of use. A simple, clean UI helps cut down on learning time so you can get right to crafting believable vintage effects. Low CPU overhead. Vinyl is light on CPU resources, so you can enjoy its benefits even in your most complex productions. What people are saying. My favorite is the year control — I loved dialing an orchestral string sound back to the s.

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Joe Chiccarelli Producer. Listen to Vinyl sound examples. Before Vinyl. After Vinyl. Read about Vinyl. Using Vinyl for an old radio sound Feb 01, Give your audio the sound of an old, vintage radio using iZotope's free Vinyl effects plug-in. Read More. Using Vinyl for lo-fi lead vocal effects Feb 01, Learn how to use iZotope's free Vinyl plug-in to add lo-fi effects on your vocal tracks with these tips.

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Download Vinyl now! Vinyl is available as a free download, so download now and up your music and post production game! System Requirements.