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Hutton believed that Caesar had manipulated the idea of the druids so they would appear both civilized being learned and pious and barbaric performing human sacrifice to Roman readers, thereby representing both "a society worth including in the Roman Empire " and one that required civilizing with Roman rule and values, thus justifying his wars of conquest. Other historians have accepted that Caesar's account might be more accurate.

Norman J. Other classical writers also commented on the druids and their practices. Caesar's contemporary, Marcus Tullius Cicero , noted that he had met a Gallic druid, Divitiacus , who was a member of the Aedui tribe.

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Divitiacus supposedly knew much about the natural world and performed divination through augury. Alongside the druids, or as he called them, drouidas , whom he viewed as philosophers and theologians, he also remarked how there were poets and singers in Celtic society whom he called bardous , or bards.

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He states that these "terrified our soldiers who had never seen such a thing before These were all written by Christian monks. In Irish-language literature, the druids — draoithe , plural of draoi — are sorcerers with supernatural powers, who are respected in society, particularly for their ability to perform divination.

When druids are portrayed in early Irish sagas and saints' lives set in the pre-Christian past of the island, they are usually accorded high social status.

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The evidence of the law-texts, which were first written down in the 7th and 8th centuries, suggests that with the coming of Christianity the role of the druid in Irish society was rapidly reduced to that of a sorcerer who could be consulted to cast spells or practise healing magic and that his standing declined accordingly.

While druids featured prominently in many medieval Irish sources, they were far rarer in their Welsh counterparts. Unlike the Irish texts, the Welsh term commonly seen as referring to the druids, dryw , was used to refer purely to prophets and not to sorcerers or pagan priests. Historian Ronald Hutton noted that there were two explanations for the use of the term in Wales: the first was that it was a survival from the pre-Christian era, when dryw had been ancient priests, while the second was that the Welsh had borrowed the term from the Irish, as had the English who used the terms dry and drycraeft to refer to magicians and magic respectively, most probably influenced by the Irish terms.

As the historian Jane Webster stated, "individual druids Fitzpatrick, in examining what he believed to be astral symbolism on Late Iron Age swords has expressed difficulties in relating any material culture, even the Coligny calendar , with druidic culture. Nonetheless, some archaeologists have attempted to link certain discoveries with written accounts of the druids.

The archaeologist Anne Ross linked what she believed to be evidence of human sacrifice in Celtic pagan society—such as the Lindow Man bog body—to the Greco-Roman accounts of human sacrifice being officiated over by the druids.

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The crown is bronze with a broad band around the head and a thin strip crossing the top of the head. Since traces of hair were left on the metal it must have been worn without any padding beneath. The form of the headdress resembles depictions of Romano-British priests from several centuries later, leading to speculation among archaeologists that the man might have been a religious official — a druid.

According to accounts produced in the following centuries, the new rulers of Roman Gaul subsequently introduced measures to wipe out the druids from that country.

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The story of Vortigern , as reported by Nennius , provides one of the very few glimpses of possible druidic survival in Britain after the Roman conquest: Unfortunately, Nennius is noted for mixing fact and legend in such a way that it is now impossible to know the truth behind his text.

He wrote that after being excommunicated by Germanus , the British leader Vortigern invited twelve druids to assist him. In the lives of saints and martyrs, the druids are represented as magicians and diviners. They are represented as endeavouring to prevent the progress of Patrick and Saint Columba by raising clouds and mist.

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The Irish druids seem to have had a peculiar tonsure. Similarly, a life of St Beuno states that when he died he had a vision of 'all the saints and druids'. Sulpicius Severus ' Vita of Martin of Tours relates how Martin encountered a peasant funeral, carrying the body in a winding sheet, which Martin mistook for some druidic rites of sacrifice , "because it was the custom of the Gallic rustics in their wretched folly to carry about through the fields the images of demons veiled with a white covering.

Next, as they endeavoured, with every possible effort, to move forward, but were not able to take a step farther, they began to whirl themselves about in the most ridiculous fashion, until, not able any longer to sustain the weight, they set down the dead body. John Aubrey — had been the first modern writer to incorrectly connect Stonehenge and other megalithic monuments with the druids; since Aubrey's views were confined to his notebooks, the first wide audience for this idea were readers of William Stukeley — Blake's bardic mysticism derives instead from the pseudo- Ossianic epics of Macpherson; his friend Frederick Tatham's depiction of Blake's imagination, "clothing itself in the dark stole of moral sanctity"— in the precincts of Westminster Abbey— "it dwelt amid the druid terrors", is generic rather than specifically neo-druidic.

Druids began to figure widely in popular culture with the first advent of Romanticism. Chateaubriand 's novel Les Martyrs narrated the doomed love of a druid priestess and a Roman soldier; though Chateaubriand's theme was the triumph of Christianity over pagan druids, the setting was to continue to bear fruit. The most famous druidic opera, Vincenzo Bellini 's Norma was a fiasco at La Scala , when it premiered the day after Christmas, ; but in it was a hit in London. For its libretto, Felice Romani reused some of the pseudo-druidical background of La Sacerdotessa to provide colour to a standard theatrical conflict of love and duty.

The story was similar to that of Medea , as it had recently been recast for a popular Parisian play by Alexandre Soumet : the chaste goddess casta diva addressed in Norma' s hit aria is the moon goddess, worshipped in the "grove of the Irmin statue".

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His writings, published posthumously as The Iolo Manuscripts and Barddas , are not considered credible by contemporary scholars. Williams claimed to have collected ancient knowledge in a " Gorsedd of Bards of the Isles of Britain" he had organized. While bits and pieces of the Barddas still turn up in some " Neo-Druidic " works, the documents are not considered relevant to ancient practice by most scholars.

He was arrested for cremating his deceased son, a practice he believed to be a druid ritual, but won his case; this in turn led to the cremation act. In T. Kendrick sought to dispel the pseudo-historical aura that had accrued to druids, [94] asserting that "a prodigious amount of rubbish has been written about Druidism"; [95] Neo-druidism has nevertheless continued to shape public perceptions of the historical druids.

Some are monotheistic. Others, such as the largest druid group in the world, The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids draw on a wide range of sources for their teachings. Members of such Neo-Druid groups may be Neopagan , occultist , Christian or non-specifically spiritual. The archaeologist Stuart Piggott , author of The Druids , accepted the Greco-Roman accounts and considered the druids to be a barbaric and savage priesthood who performed human sacrifices. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Druid disambiguation. Further information: Celts and human sacrifice , Threefold death , and Ritual of oak and mistletoe.

It is speculated that they were used for divination. Eleven such pairs have been found. Main articles: Celtic revival and Neo-Druidism.

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