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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

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Jaime Oct 22, 5: Hold Space Select layer luminosity: Align Center: Command Shift C Align Left: Command Shift L Align Right: Command Shift R Justify par. Command Shift J Justify par.

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  5. Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and PC.
  6. Command Shift F Justify paragraph: Command Shift I. Small Caps: Command H Auto leading: Command Shift Option A 0 for tracking: Command Option Shift H.

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    8. Cycle through blending modes: Shift Option N Dissolve: Shift Option I Behind Brush tool only: Shift Option Q Clear Brush tool only: Shift Option R Darken: Shift Option K Multiply: Shift Option M Color Burn: Shift Option B Linear Burn: Shift Option A Lighten: Shift Option G Screen: Shift Option S Color Dodge: Shift Option D Linear Dodge: Shift Option W Overlay: Shift Option O Soft Light: Shift Option F. Hard Light: Shift Option H Vivid Light: Shift Option V Linear Light: Shift Option J Pin Light: Shift Option Z Hard Mix: Shift Option L Difference: Shift Option E Exclusion: Shift Option X Hue: Shift Option U Saturation: Shift Option T Color: Shift Option C Luminosity: Shift Option Y Desaturate Sponge tool: Shift Option D Saturate Sponge tool: Shift Option S Threshold for bitmap images: Shift Option N.

      Switch between open documents: Command Tab Redo Last Filter: Shift Tab.

      Hold Control Hide all other layers: Dodge or Burn Tool must be active Shadows: Shift Option S Midtones: Shift Option M Highlights: Shift Option H Keyboard Shortcuts panel: Command Option Shift K To check or set your own custom shortcuts. M Liquify Load Last Mesh: M Mirror Tool: X Crop Tool Commit crop: I Creative Cloud only Print Clear print settings: Z Control shortcuts Preview: When going for Keyboard Shortcuts that access specific tools and panels, press the first key and quickly the other as if you were playing a piano.

      When using them to affect the way a tool or function is working, hold the key while accomplishing the task. To apply adjustments over the selected layer with the option to use Layer Masks, opacity, etc, select adjustment options from the Adjustment button located at the bottom of the Layers Window.

      60 Photoshop shortcuts to speed up your workflow

      The tools located in the Vertical Tool Bar may also be accessed using Keyboard Shortcuts, or by just clicking on the one you want visually. Many of these tool boxes contain multiple options within that may be scrolled through just by repeatedly clicking the Keyboard Shortcut for that tool. When you are learning to use Keyboard Shortcuts, take it easy! If you want to modify an existing Photoshop shortcut or create custom Photoshop shortcuts for commands that have no default shortcut, follow the instructions below:.