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Enter your Microsoft Account and password then click Connect. Double-click the Mac icon, and then log in.

How open zip files on Mac OS X Lion & Mountain Lion

If you are not able to log in, your iCloud account on the Mac might be preventing you from doing so. If you use your iCloud credentials to log into your Mac, it is unfortunately not compatible with Windows File Sharing for security reasons.

The workaround for this is to change your account password. Enter a new password, confirm, restart your Mac and configure Windows File Sharing again. You can find this in the Network Preference on the Mac. Enter your credentials; you should be able to access your resources. There are still some wrinkles in the network experience between OS X and Windows, but it has certainly gotten better — both from the setup and troubleshooting side.

Tried your steps numerous times and each and every case it would come back with incorrect password. I can see the two computers on both the Windows 10 desktop and on my MBP but nothing is shared due to password failure and yet I know for a fact that the passwords are correct.

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Tried various workarounds but none were successful although I did not try changing the iCloud password. That became a bridge too far……..

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Andre Da Costa. If switching to a local password is too much, then creating another user account is the best option. Other options include file syncing, you have many options to choose from which include iCloud, OneDrive or Dropbox. Are you having problems connecting to the Windows machine from the Mac also? If you are, make sure both computers are in the same workgroup. I also have small accounts with iCloud and Dropbox but I used those on a very limited basis as OneDrive is my primary cloud source.

I just find it really odd that I follow your steps exactly and everything happens just as you state — shift cmd k and I can see my desktop.

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  • However after double clicking on it when I enter my Microsoft Live password in the dialog box on the MBP to synch the dialog box shakes and nothing transpires. I use my desktop as my primary computer and the MBP is just for travel. Instead of entering your Microsoft Account email address, enter your account name instead. In fact that is the way it defaults on the MBP and was what I initially tried. After that failed I then tried adding my email address but the results were the same. Is the Name the same as the one you are using to authenticate?

    I noticed mine was Andi, but the full name is Andre Da Costa. You must be running Windows 10 Home. Traditional file sharing requires that you turn on file sharing, choose what you want to share, tell another person how to connect, and so on. AirDrop lets you wirelessly share files with other Mac users who are in your vicinity—with no setup required!

    Many of the settings in this chapter require you to authenticate with Mountain Lion before the settings can be made. If you find yourself in a situation where a setting is grayed out, click the padlock icon in the lower-left corner of the window to authenticate and make the necessary change. AirDrop is a fast and easy file-sharing system that lets you send files to another Macintosh without any setup—no usernames, no passwords, nothing except a Wi-Fi adapter that is turned on!

    Specifically, AirDrop requires the following:. To use AirDrop, be sure that your Wi-Fi adapter is turned on see Chapter 3 for details , identify the files that you want to share with another person, and then follow these steps:. Receiving files with AirDrop is even easier than sending them. When a nearby Mountain Lion user wants to send files to your iMac, follow these steps:. AirDrop uses peer-to-peer ad hoc wireless networking, which is only supported in recent iMacs and desktop Macs.

    Although this may seem limiting, this hardware is what makes it possible to communicate with zero configuration and without using a common Wi-Fi access point. To use a Share Sheet to send a file via AirDrop, complete these steps:. Share Sheets are much more powerful than just sharing via AirDrop. We look at a few other sharing scenarios that use this feature later in this chapter.

    Mountain Lion provides consolidated controls for sharing files, regardless of what type of computer you want to share them with. You set up file sharing by first enabling sharing for your iMac and then choosing the protocols available for accessing the files. Finally, you decide which folders should be shared and who should see them. What should I do?

    A Beginner's Guide to OS X File Sharing

    On Mac OS Mavericks is just focking broken. This is a great tip! I remembered having some difficulties with SL to Vista. But Mavericks and Windows works awesome and flawless! But for any receiver who is in the world of Apple, this is a great way to bulk send a […]. I hope this helps. I have been having a nightmare trying to link my Lion OSX Like Marshal, I am facing the same problem and not found any solution.

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    I am using same login name on both machines. Able to see the shared folders on the Windows machine but not able to go into them. From Windows, I am able to read the shared Mac folders and even write to them. It is visible but not accessible. I have been using this method for many years, most recently with a new It was working in December. Now, however, perhaps after the Microsoft security update yesterday, it does not work from Vista, XP or 7.

    I have tried Panther, Leopard and Lion and server and I hit a problem with all regarding file permissions. Any clues of how to solve — I have searched the internet for an answer. Having the same problem as Chuck.

    My iMac: Sharing Devices, Files, and Services on a Network

    Large files or large amount of smaller files trying to copy to a Windows share and get the same error. Grab some large files and copy to that Windows folder. Hope you could help me. Works fine between Lion and XP — watch the switch from forward to backward slashes though when entering the IP address.

    Yeah but be warned!!!! Lion On the Windows side, I highly recommend mapping a network drive so that you can access the Mac without having to reenter the IP and credentials on each connection.

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